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The Oltretutto Oltretorrente movement
We are the neighborhood

The Movement is composed of inhabitants of the Oltretorrente District and of anyone shares the values ​​of the Group and intends to participate actively, positively and purposeful, giving one's own time, one's own human, cultural experience and social to contribute to the achievement of the objectives. All the participants in the Movement are committed to uniting their forces for to contrast the situations of degradation and illegality 'that have found wide space in the Oltretorrente District.

  • AGAINST Drugs, Mafia and Discrimination

    Ithe illicit trade that has been taking place in our streets is a social issue, tied to the unlawful operations driven by the organized crime with ripercussions to the health of consumers, which is a reason for justified concern among the citizens caring about their community

  • Meet

    Usciamo dalle nostre case per conoscerci, incontrarci e condividere esperienze

  • Living the territory

    Living the territory recovering the spaces occupied by illegality transforming the degradation into lived and shared spaces

  • Be in solidarity

    Solidarity is a fundamental value for us: listening, attention and understanding towards the social phenomena that characterize the Oltretorrente are fundamental for building a supportive society.

Origins of the movement

The Movement was born in October 2017, thanks to the commitment and actions of a group of inhabitants of the Oltretorrente District who shared the idea of ​​combating the degradation of the territory. The most noticeable phenomenon was represented by illicit drug dealing in some streets of the District with a continuous garrison by the drug dealers who occupied all the available spaces, in a clear and dangerous way for the potential involvement of children and fragile people.
Our principles

The Movement intends to achieve its objectives with inclusive methods and peaceful, in full respect of legality. Our values ​​are listening, attention and deepening towards i social phenomena that characterize the reality of the Oltretorrente District, with particular attention to cultural transformations.

Participation & Solidarity

Participation in the various activities of the Movement is offered by the voluntary and free components. Our action wants to have the spirit of “active citizenship” for the involvement of the as many people as possible. The Movement recognizes Solidarity as a founding element both inside and outside the group members of the inhabitants of the Oltretorrente District. We are open and in constant search for collaborations with existing Associate Realities and operating in the same direction.

Objectives & Proposals

Our committee envisions a development model of social relationships on the neighborhood scale. Among our goals is “urban regeneration” through the development of a supportive community and the recovery of areas subject to degradation and targeted by illegal activities. We want them to be restored to their state of enjoyable places for the benefit of the neighborhood and the whole town dwellers. We want to organize (either directly or by cooperating with other communities) events to be held in the neighborhood’s streets to stimulate interpersonal relationship, the development of cultural happenings and the meeting of people with different heritage, thus promoting interethnical and intercultural knowledge. We cooperate with the Municipality and the law enforcing institutions on the subjects of degradation and unlawful activities that may take place in our streets and among our homes. We claim the right to adopt any lawful action in order to bring public attention to the discomfort that can be experienced by the neighborhood’s inhabitants.

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